1. Introduction

    Okay, so I thought I might start with something smart and clever, something to dazzle you all with my wit and humor, but who am I kidding? I’m just an ordinary 20-something sitting in front of a computer, writing a blog (Are blogs still in? Is this so 2010? Meh…)
    Actually, the real reason behind this blog is that I’ve grown frustrated and disappointed in the amount of clothing choices and outfit ideas out there that reflect the ideals and values of ladies that simply choose to dress modestly. I don’t judge others for their garment choices, so this isn’t written to be an attack on anyone for their individual likes or preferences. This is simply meant to be a resource for anyone looking for those right-above-the-knee, covering-the-cleavage, loose-enough-to-breathe pieces. 
    Welcome to my blog and I hope you enjoy!